New Club Support

There are numerous online services that all Front Runner clubs have access to which may be of particular benefit to New Clubs as they get established and connect with other Front Runners and Front Runner clubs.

Website listing on

Our website lists the current Front Runners clubs with links to club information. We will gladly list your club once we have your club information. To submit club information on the web, please click here. Once we've reviewed your club information, we'll contact you and include your club on the website listing and in the club directory (see below).

IFR club directory

A directory of frontrunner clubs is available online which provides a list of clubs, contact phone numbers and email and postal addresses. The directory changes fairly frequently and the most current version is always available via the web. Because it contains (contact) information that some would rather not have posted on the website, the file is distributed to designated persons only via email to specified email addresses and via website password logins.

IFR membership

In addition to listing on the website, we encourage clubs to sign up as an IFR member club. More information on IFR membership can be found on the web.

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As an added benefit for clubs that become IFR members, we are now offering an email account to IFR member clubs. Addresses will be of the form,, etc. and can be used to forward to one or more external addresses, or to save on the server for viewing on the web.

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Club Contacts email list

To make it easier for those acting as email contacts for their club to contact all other clubs, a mailing list has been setup that will forward messages to all other Front Runner club email contacts. In order to prevent "spamming", only designated club contacts are able to send to this list.

Club Newsletters email list

Several clubs have monthly newsletters which they distribute to their club members. Many of these clubs also send copies of their newsletters to other clubs to build camaraderie between clubs. And recently, more clubs are sending electronic copies of their newsletters by email to other clubs to save on postage and printing. To facilitate this, we have also established an email address specifically for clubs to send electronic versions of their newsletters to other clubs.

IFR webhosting

Because of requests from several clubs, we can act as "reseller" and provide full-featured webhosting accounts for any clubs that are interested. Note however that it is not inexpensive and new clubs are encouraged to investigate other options.

For more information, please contact Brad at