Preview Version 2:
about this CD

Frontrunners Boston has been printing and distributing the New Club Startup Packet since 1989 as a service to help new Front Runner clubs organize by providing guidance, sample bylaws, example promotional material and club literature, and promoting new club participation in events and meetings with other Front Runners clubs around the world.

Although Frontrunners Boston has asked for a token fee to cover some of the costs, the expenses of printing and mailing have increased. In addition to including some of this information on the International Front Runners website, it was suggested that a CD containing the Startup Packet would be a good alternative to the printed version. This is the first attempt at a CD version of the startup packet.

Why is it called the "Preview Version"? Frankly, because it needs some work. Much of the material was taken from copies of copies of club documents. And to add insult to injury scanning these documents further degraded their quality (the highest scanning resolutions were purposely avoided to reduce file sizes). One of the immediate goals is to improve the image quality of the contents. But rather than wait to release a "perfect" version (which we know it will never be), we're releasing this "preview version" which we hope will still be of value to new startups.

We're also hoping this will encourage the more established clubs to contribute to this project with club material.

So what are the requirements for viewing the Startup Packet on this CD? A computer of course, but also the following Windows software must installed on your computer: a browser such as Netscape or Internet Explorer, and the Adobe Acrobat Reader for reading files in PDF format. If you do not have these already installed, installation files for the following are included on this CD.

the Netscape browser installation files are in:
the Internet Explorer browser files are in:
[drive]:\browser\internet explorer\
the Acrobat Reader files are in:
[drive]:\acrobat reader\

where [drive] is the letter of your CD-ROM drive.

Run the file setup.exe in the respective directory to start installation.

Once a browser and the Acrobat Reader are installed, you're ready to view the Startup Packet. If you have auto-run enabled on your computer, inserting this CD into your CD-ROM drive should start up a browser window and load the Startup Packet. If it doesn't, use the Windows Explorer to view the contents of this CD and double-click on the file packet.html. If that still doesn't work, open your browser, and go to File -> Open Page -> Choose File (using Netscape) or File -> Open -> Browse (using IE) to select the file packet.html on your CD ROM drive.

Note that all PDF files are designated with the letters "pdf" and the pdf icon .

If you run into any problems, or you have comments or suggestions, please let us know by sending email to